Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 2007!!!

E was in Sudbury with his dad from 20-25th. He came back to my house around 12pm on the 25th. sooooooooooo, our "xmas eve" was the 25th and "xmas day" was the 26th.

My friend Louise came home with her kids and husband from L.A for 2 weeks. Louise, her sister and her brother (who to my shock and horror is now legal to go to bars. I swear, last time I saw him he was 6 years old back in the day when Louise and I went to a club called NRG!!). We went to Club 54 - it was my first and [possibly last time there. It was tonnes of fun dancing and hanging out with the Barley clan, but really not my thing anymore - the music was really loud! Was it always that loud??!! :) If they had been playing current music - a little J.Timberlake, Nelly Furtado or anything like that it would have been better.

My grandma (Nanny Mitzi) flew in from North Dakota - she is doing pretty well! It was so nice to visit with her - we miss her alot. My friend TT and her sister Nicki came over with their kids to see Nanny. We all grew up together, so Nanny is kinda their grandma too since their extended family is all in South Africa. Mom, Nanny and I went to see the movie Queen on 24th. Good movie - Helen Mirren was great. But really quite wierd that they were able to make a whole 2 hr movie out of the reaction of the Queen after Diana's death.

Was sooooo happy to get my baby back on the 25th! Missed him tonnes. We had everyone over to my house for Xmas Eve dinner - can't wait to get into my new house in July - more space!! I made a roast, baked potatoes, asparagus, and salad. It was nice...then after cleaning up, E put out cookies & milk for santa and carrotts for Rudolfe. He went to bed really well (was still getting over his strep throat from week before). In the moring he woke me up at 6:40am saying that he thinks Santa was here and lets go see what presents he left! We went downstairs and sure enough cookies, milk and carrotts were gone and E's stocking was filled and Santa left two wrapped presents for him. He got the Thomas the Tank Engine flashlight he's been asking for and a "Cars" shake n go car. We then got dressed and headed over to Grammie and Boppie's house for the festivities! So spoiled we all are!! I made the Land of Nod cinnamon buns - they are to die for. Recipe is in the Best of the Best of Bridge... highly recommend! Also had the Xmas Wife Saver (in same cookbook). It was a great day! So glad Nanny Mitzi was there with us...

Tonight E and I are going over to Barbie's house for early dinner with their friends and then will just come home put E to bed and see if there is a good movie on. Was invited a few other places, but just feel like staying home this year!

My last post for 2006!! How fast this year has gone by .... Wishing you all a very happy, healthy & safe New Year!!

Lets see...resolutions for 2007? hmmmmmm....of course loose weight. I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, so keep that 'bout you??!! Any resolutions?

Monday, December 18, 2006


E and Santa....oh, and I had a reading done with a psychic last night...when I get a few minutes I will write a bit more about it! It was very interesting and she was bang on with quite a few things that has really left me feeling a bit freaked out!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Muuumic

Muuuumic = Music (the way E pronounces it!)

I bought a cute CD at Fortinos that is kids singing christmas songs. E thinks it's great! He does the cutest thing - he gets my throw pillows from my bed, and puts his "friends" (myriad of stuffed animals - mostly dogs) on top of the pillows. Then, turns the cd on - the first song is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Then he gets his Rudolph stuffed animal and has him "act out" the song for his "friends" that are watching!! it is very cute (of course)!

Yesterday I was at dentist as they re-did a root canal. That was fun. But what makes it worse is that I picked up pink eye on Sunday - E and I were at a friends bday party at an indoor playland. Just imagine all the germs. YUCK! E had a fantastic time as usual, but I came home with pink eye. So, this morning I discovered it was now in both eyes. Eyes are all puffy , red and goopy. Attractive.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Buzz

First off - Happy Bday to my cousins Jen & Kristi - they are sisters born exactly 2 yrs apart. "Irish Twins" Nov 22 and happy bday to my friend Louise in L.A. Nov 21!!

So, I'm suffering from my 3rd cold in 6 weeks. Argh. Today, I Lysol'd the entire office, vaccuumed it and bought an air purifyer. Hoping that all this helps, as I am sick and tired of getting sick and tired!! I know that E is bringing home all kinds of germs from daycare, but you would think after him being in daycare for almost 3 yrs, I would have built up some kind of immunity to it!

I've been getting to the gym 3-4 times a week - started my old routine from '97 back before annoying ex husband and before kid! Hoping that my body will remember what it used to look like and start transforming itself. E and I are going to Florida in Feb to meet up with my parents (they have rented a condo down there), so want to be in better shape for swimsuit weather!

Everybody has got the Christmas buzz! I'm working on getting my xmas cards ordered online. E and I are joining the Trimble family on Dec 9th for our now annual Christmas Tree Chopping day. We actually go to a farm and hunt down the perfect tree and "Uncle Ross" (tarryn's husband) chops it down for us. Instead of going to the Dairy Queen parking lot and buying one!!! We had fun with them last year, so hoping it won't be too cold this year! I bought garland for the post on our front porch and the cutest polar bear - its white and at night lights up with tonnes of lights - so cute! Been wanting to buy it for a couple of years!

My builder called last week to advise that my move in date has been changed. It was supposed to be Feb 28th. I didn't think it would be done then - maybe March or April. She said it would be ready July 3rd. Rats! I was hoping that we would be in earlier. More time to save money for all the extra stuff like driveway, landscaping, patio in backyard etc. Still a bit disappointed tho.

E did not want to wear what I was putting on him this morning. (read MAJOR 3 yr old tantrum). Trying not to yell and be frustrated as we were already late, I said ok, you pick out what you want to wear and put it on. So, in he goes to his room, which he said I was not allowed into! Mommy, you stay out there, I'm getting dressed. Well, then, allright kid! He put on his undies (took off his pull ups that I put on him cause he hasn't mastered the pooping in the toilet yet!), socks his orange and black "bat halloween" shirt and jeans. He looked pretty good. He said, throwing his arms up in the air "All done mommy". Sigh. so cute.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trip to North Dakota

E, Grammie and I left for our trip to North Dakota bright and early on Friday Oct 13th. Yes, Friday the 13th. AND this is not the first time I've flown on a Friday the 13th. Went to Ireland in Aug '04 for Julie P's wedding! Anyways, a bit of a bumpy ride landing in Winnipeg, but nothing major! We found out why it was so bumpy landing once we exited the terminal to get our rental car though! The WIND was incredible. and COLD!
We made it to Grand Forks in one piece and met Nanny Mitzi at her apartment. She has a very nice place and seems quite happy there! We then went over to Auntie Jeanne & Uncle Dick's house where we stayed the weekend. We enjoyed some great food, company and walks to the neighbourhood park! E even made a friend at the park "hey buddy, hey buddy, you wanna race cars?".
Auntie Bobbie met us at Jean's and Nanny Mitzi, Grammie, E and I headed to Bemidji, MN to see Bobbie & Jon's new cottage. It was beautiful! E especially enjoyed the toy room.
The next day back in the car to go to Fargo, ND. E and I stayed at Jennie & Jai's house. E had a great time playing with cuzzie Jacob. They raced cars, tortured poor Baxter (dog who weighs about 5lbs), told Michael he wasn't allowed playing with their stuff, watched Wonder Pets, read books, had lunch and games at Space Aliens, in general, had a great time together!! Jen and I had a shopping day together - no kids! the Grammie and Nana babysat for us while we checked out Target, the mall, and party store (see my next post for E's Halloween costume) and lunch at a really fab Italian restaurant! It was so nice to be able to shop in peace!
The last night there, Nanny Mitzi, Bobbie, Grammie, Jen and I went out for a deluxe, delish dinner in downtown Fargo! Yummy! Poor Jai was left at home with the children. But, he handled it well, they all seemed to go to bed without any major problems!
Thanks guys for having us ! Remember, next time it's your turn!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving /Last Weekend at the cottage 2006

This past weekend was our (Canadian) Thanksgiving. The weather was gorgeous all weekend. 20c! E was with his dad from Tuesday till Sunday when he dropped him off at the cottage. So, had a bit of time to myself this week. E enjoyed rolling around in the leaves...Uncle Scott took us for the last boatride of the year. We did a bit of fishing off the boat and got a HUGE....................log. Scott is determined to catch a fish in our lake. Especially since our neighbours have caught many pretty big fish right off the end of their dock. I of course, got the hook stuck in my finger. Fisherman, I am not.
This friday E, Grammie and I are off to the motherland. Fly to Winnipeg and then drive down to ND to visit with my Grandma (Nanny Mitzi), Auntie Jeanne & Uncle Dick and then Auntie Bobbie (silver haired fox as my friend Rick calls her - Yes Rick, we will say a special hello to Auntie Bobbie for you!), Uncle Jon and my cousin Jennie, her husband Jai and their two boys J (4 days older than E) and baby M. We are very much looking forward to it - E will have fun with his cuzzies! and I will have fun at Target of course!! LOL.

Monday, October 02, 2006


During my last 2 yrs of university, I had 3 housemates. Kerry, Liz and Margie. Since graduation in '94 (gulp), some of us stayed in touch and others not so much. But, in the last year or so we've all been in touch alot more. Kerry lived out in BC and moved back to ON I think 4 yrs ago...anyways, she got into the insurance biz (poor girl)and has moved closer to where the rest of us are located. We decided to have a reunion of sorts this past weekend at Kerry's townhouse she just bought last year in Waterloo. Margie, Liz and I drove up there on Saturday morning. We spent the afternoon shopping in St.Jacobs...its a quainty type/ mennonite type/cutesy shops kinda town. Highly enjoyable. OH, did I mention this was sans kids? Liz has 2 daughters 3 yr old and 2 yr old and is married to my ex's best friend. Margie is on the verge of being engaged (that is if Jones gets his act together, mans up and goes to Tiffany's soon!!), Kerry is single and of course I am the token divorcee with a son.

We had a fun time catching up, reliving the days at 196 Huron St in London. and of course the days at Brescia College (affiliate of Western - think we all transfered to main campus after 1st yr. Maybe Margie didn't?) Now, Brescia College is the ONLY college/uni of its type that is still in operation in North America. It is a girls only college (although some guys do take courses there - I think they like the odds of 10-1 female to male ratio). It is run by nuns. Each floor in the residence has a nun that lives there to "look after" the girls. Our nun was Sister Lorretta. She ran the whole residence, so therefore hand picked the girls she wanted to live on her floor > the quietest/most studious girls. Yes, I was on the nerd floor. Hard to believe given my vivacious/wild animal personality. I think Liz, Kerry, Margie,Jen Thrasher (Margie's roommate)& I were the wildest girls on the floor. Translation: we actually went out and had fun and didn't just study all the time! Oh and men/boys were not allowed in the residence AT ALL except for one sunday a month from 1:30pm-5:30pm. This included fathers, brothers, cousins etc. I KNOW!! It was a very odd place. Every Sunday morning at 9am poor Margie and Thrasher were awoken by the tolling of the church bells since their room was next to the bell tower. Wierdly, you did not have to be catholic to go to this school. Because I of course am a 'non religious' type. I'm sure enrollment has been down since the oh, I don't know 1960's! So they have to take all kinds to survive!! LOL. As you can imagine, many many funny stories to recall from living in the Nunnery. (as main campus people called us).

We had a great time shopping, then enjoyed a delish Thai meal at a local restaurant. Exhausted from shopping, we went back to Kerry's for a movie. Not a drop of alcohol was consumed. In bed by midnight. How things have changed since 1991!!

Thanks Kerry for being the hostess with the mostess!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pink Eye strikes!

Phone call at 2pm on Monday : Hi Stephanie, it's Tanya from E's daycare, we need to you to come pick up E because we think he might have pink eye. Ugh. Then there was 1.5 hr of "waiting" (read of trying to keep a very active 3 yr old occupied in the waiting room without pissing off sick people waiting to see the dr.),at the clinic. When we finally got to the dr, he simply glanced at E and said, oh ya, thats pink eye allright. Then the 1/2 hr wait at Walmart for the prescription. E took off his shoes and socks and threw them out of the buggy. Good freakin God. Finally got home and after a time out in his bedroom for poor behaviour in Walmart that made mommy very upset, I put the drops in his eyes. 2 drops each eye 3 x a day for 7 days. The only way to get the eye drop job done is to lie him on the ground, put his head inbetween my legs, pin his arms under my legs and pry open his eyes which he has firmly closed. Of course he is screammmmming and kicking his legs around. Not even the promise of smarties can persuade this boy to let me put the drops in. Yeah, this is definitely going to mean 5 yrs of therapy for him as an adult!

His father picked him up at noon so I could go to work and tackle my 2 foot high paperwork. Insurance biz definitely is not paper friendly. Honestly, there is a tree worth of paper delievered to our office on a daily basis. I called E after work to see how he was> this was the conversation : "Hi E, Hi mommy, how are you baby, Good, mommy. What you doing mommy? I'm at work E, What you doing at work mommy? I'm processing policies. Why? Because people bought insurance from mommy. Coooool!!, mommy." Heh. if he only knew how uncool insurance was! But, at least I got a "cool" about my work. All I hear about is trains, trains, trains. His father is a conductor for CN Rail. And, to a little boy I guess that is the coolest job.

My eyes are itchy.....hope this is just 'sympathy' itch.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bye Bye Summer?

E on the Labour Day weekend at the cottage. The weather was great on the friday, but was icky the rest of the weekend. :(
Went out last night for a friend of a friend's stagette. I didn't get picked up till 10:30pm! I almost didn't go out...I was so comfy in my jammies! Usually in bed by 10:30 , not going out at that time!! But, it was fun. As stagettes always are! We ended up at Joe Dog's on Brant St. They actually asked us for ID! We were all so happy. Most of the cliente were born in the 80's. GAWD. But, we were there kickn'er down till 1:30am!
E spend most of the afternoon throwing up. ick. Poor little poor couch. Yep, barfed ALL over it. I consulted a few people, then discovered the original invoice and ah ha! the "protection plan" for the couch! So, I called in a claim and they are going to send me a new cover for the one cushion in 8-12 weeks. After chatting with my neighbour Christiane, she advised she has a similar couch and had thrown the cushion cover in the wash on gentle after potty training incident years ago and it came out ok...Unable to stand the stench that was wafting in my family room from trying to "air out" the cushion, I threw the sucker in the wash. Looks ok now...just hang drying it. Fingers and toes crossed. Will see how it looks in the morning.
I have my bedroom and E's bedroom all rigged up with puke proofing. Towels on floors, mattresses covered with extra sheets. Hopefully, he sleeps thru the night without incident.
Oh, forgot to mention that I am 'babysitting' Jasper my parents black toy poodle. I think the babysitting is going to turn permanent tho as he doesn't seem to like his new digs at parents new highrise condo they just moved into downtown Burlington. soooo, after E threw up dirty Jazzy was in there eating it. GAWD. the smell was horrible I was near tears and almost threw up myself. Quite the scene.
I will leave you with that pleasant thought! Sweet dreams.

P.S E has said he wants to be a ghost for hallowe'en...any costume ideas? Besides the standard white sheet over kid.

Monday, August 21, 2006

5 months till xmas....

Fall was in the air at the cottage this weekend...cooler nights, spotted the first red leaf. Argh. There is still hope tho, cause it was 28degrees c today!

A couple of weekends ago E and I went over to Liz's house. E discovered Emma's 2 wheeler bike (with training wheels)... here are the cutest pics...guess we know what Santa is going to bring to E this year!! Santa should look now I suppose cause there could be sales on!

I have also started looking for a snowsuit for E. His second winter I was bad mom of the year > I didn't realize you had to look in August for a snowsuit. There I was looking in November and unable to find one! Gasp! I am prepared this year. I will get the snowsuit early and be done with it!

My baby comes home on Wednesday...I can't wait.

Friday, August 18, 2006


oh man, thank gawd it's friday! What a long week. E is with his father on vacation for a week (left Thursday to go to Sudbury). It's kinda nice to have time to myself, but kinda don't know what to do without him. Last night I mowed the lawn, weeded, tidy'd garage, went shopping, filled my car up with gas, and watched a movie.
I'm going up to the cottage tonight around 7pm... I'll be the one sitting in the sun doing absolutely nothing!! (oh, and sleeping in!) E comes back Wednesday night...can't wait to see him already!! Again, nice to have time alone, but I miss him!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thomas the Tank Engine

Grammie, Bops and I took E to A Day Out With Thomas last week in St. Thomas, ON which apparently is the train capital of Ontario. Who knew? Well, you should have seen all the little boys running around with their Thomas shirts on! When E first saw Thomas it was a bit like seeing Santa...really excited to see him, but when you get up close and personal he's not too sure this is such a great idea. We boarded the train for a ride around the town about 20 min long...he loved that. Then stood in line to get his pic with Thomas. There was tonnes of other stuff to check out too. He had a great time and Boppie bought him 3 new Thomas trains for his track at home! Of course he HAD to bring them monday morning to school!! :)

My new house...

So, I bought a house November 05...its not supposed to be ready till March 07. Thought I would post the progress of the building for all to see. Right now the city is in there doing the gas lines, hydro, sewers, roads etc. The builder says that I should be able to go pick out my cabinets, flooring etc this August. Here is the link for the house is the Alton Village, Meadowlark model. You can see the Niagara Escarpment in the background.

Little Otter Lake Weekend with Friends

'Chillax' - to chill and relax. It was the word of the weekend. And lots of chillaxing was done. Julie P, Kerry, Maria, Hermanator, Chumbie and I were up at the cottage a couple weeks ago.

It was Maria's first time north of Toronto -- she hails from Venezuela. She was introduced to the sounds& sights of the north. Frog sounds - Al does the best imitation, loon calls, lily pads and our gorgeous lake. Oh, and the sounds of Chumbie's new Sirus satellite radio were also heard. So many stations, so little time!

A few fruity cocktails were consumed (mostly by the guys), some tubing behind the boat was done, a little jumping off the boat and swimming was enjoyed. We did our best the first night to stay out and have a fire but unfortunatley, the bugs were horrible! And of course, certain city kids were unable to actually start the fire.

We discovered that Geoffwinder 'Bachelor Extrodinaire' has a new woman in his life. The question that left us all wondering was will our Geoffwinder miss his new love this weekend? Stay tuned.

Kerry and Julie have not changed one bit since our days at Brescia College @ Western. Still as chatty and friendly as ever! Too bad Jules' hubby the loverly Brit Nigel couldn't join time Nige!

Thanks guys, I had a great time!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where have I been??

Yes, I know, I haven't posted in a bit but, will do a quickie entry now. Summer has been fab thus far...
> Girls weekend at Sauble Beach with Barb, cousin Kym Hall and Sparkling Sue. It was fun, to just chillax and not have to worry about anyone but me! We had some yummy meals, perused the shops, read magazines, suntanned a bit (loved Sue's tan er, burn)...good times.

> I had a weeks vacation after the July 1 holiday. E and I went up to the cottage with mom. We went to Santa's Village one day. E just loved it. It is such a great place to take kids. His favourite was the train, of course. His love of trains is in his genes his father (CN) and his great grandpa mills (CP). We saw Santa in his "summer outfit" and E was amazed when we saw Mrs. Claus in the bathroom. "why she in there? well, even Mrs. Claus has to go tinkle". We had fun swimming, jumping off the dock, playing in the lake and sand, going on "adventures" etc.

> This coming weekend I have the cottage to myself and E is with his dad. My friends Al, Geoff, Kerry, Julie, Nigel and Maria are coming up to the cottage so I am really looking forward to enjoying the cottage without having to look after a 3 yr old! It'll just be different! I can sit out in the sun and not have to worry he is going to wonder off! I already miss my poopie tho! :( Yesterday, I was rushing to get him ready for school and he put his hands on his hips and said "mommy, be patient". er, ok. So, I waited a mintue and said , ok can we go now? and he said, yes. Wow. Unbelievable! too cute! but, wow.

I will report back Monday to tell all the funness of the weekend and try to get some pics up from the cottage!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Baby Wirkowski

Olivia arrived safely on June 8th...she was approx 9lbs. I went for a quick visit to OTMH on Friday morning...everyone was doing well! Livie was sleeping so I didn't pick her up - she was up all night crying. She is just a doll...looks like Kelly and a bit like Taylor! Here is a pic of her!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Motor mouth

This morning I was sitting on the floor with E while he was watching t.v ... I was playing with his toes/feet ( I love his feet!)... and then i started pushing back his cuticles on his toenails. He stops and looks at me "mommy, what you do to my toes?" then "what you do to my nails?"... I said I'm pushing back your cuticles. "oh". and continues watching his show!

During the car ride (5min) to daycare we listen to his cd's and he sings all the words to all the songs. or sometimes he breaks into "doe a deer a female deer, fa a long long way to run"... (he must have learned that one in music class at school).

Every night I read him 5 books. Grammie Girl just gave him a Miss. Spider book for his bday...he can already "read" it to me. If I stop reading he continues the sentence with all of the books. They really are little sponges aren't they?

Monday, May 29, 2006

E's birthday party at Springridge Farm

E had his bday party this past weekend...the weather was fantastic and the farm was so much fun for the kids!! They went on a tractor ride, pony rides, did crafts, went into the chicken coop and got eggs. E tried to pat the chicken! She flapped her wings and squalked! They got to feed the goats, play on the hay bales and drive mini tractors...and after all that was lunch and presents! On the way home he fell asleep and slept for 3 hrs that afternoon! It was so much fun and E loved seeing his friends!! Here are some pics of the kids at the farm!

Monday, May 22, 2006

E turns 3 yrs old!!

Hard to believe that it has been 3 years since May 23, 2003 when E was born at 6.17pm and weighed 7lb, 4 oz!! He was so sweet and cute! And had quite a set of lungs on him!

He is now about 35 lbs, 41 inches and almost out of diapers!! He still has quite the set of lungs... and can talk and talk and talk. Doesn't stop from sunup till sundown! He loves adventures and exploring at the cottage! This pic was taken today ... he was helping me carry some wood to the wood pile! He still makes my heart melt!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Taywer came for dinner"

E and T get soooo excited when they get together...its so cute. Here are some pics from tonight!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Since the weekend, E says "why?" after EVERYTHING I say! Put your boots on E its raining...why? Its raining and wet outside, you need your boots...why? ARGH!!Cause mommy said so. Then sometimes I guess I give him a satisfying answer to his question he just says "oh". He def is quite the chatter box > must get that from the Bebonk (as he says it) side.

I had a nice lunch with Julie P, Kelly & Liz...then J & K and I went over to Winners and shopped a bit. Kelly is def in the "brutally uncomfortable" stage of her pregnancy...she has the baby in 23 days June 8th. I think she's only working for another week.

It is supposed to rain all week ... hopefully, it stops for the weekend and is nice and warm up north. We will be having E's bday celebration up north!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We get so many complaints from clients about the price of insurance... but how about gas??!! I heard that it's going up to 1.40$ / L this summer. I rec'd an email today with a good idea... boycotting Canada's 2 largest gas companies Esso and Petro Cda. Use other gas Pioneer . Thought that was a good idea. The vacation/cottage areas are going to feel the pain of the cost of gas this summer because noone will be able to afford to drive anywhere!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I am sitting at my desk right now and hear what sounds like either a) a newborn baby type sound that you hear during the first 2 weeks of his/her life at 3am or b) a cat being tortured or c) a racoon fighting with another animal. So, not a pleasant sound at all. Very disturbing. Wait, its gone. Whew. Hope it wasn't one of the neighbourhood bunnies. E loves watching them as they chomp on my grass.

I actually saw the look of fear in E tonight. He has been spitting when he gets mad and it drives me nuts. So when he did it tonight on the front step (he wanted to play out more, but it was time for bath), I looked at him, took his hands and squeezed them. DO NOT SPIT AT MOMMY, MOMMY IS VERY UPSET RIGHT NOW. He actually flinched! I think this is good that he understands when I'm mad cause he usually looks right thru me. He knew he was in trouble...he marched in the house took his shoes and jacket off and went upstairs. I did the whole "you need to listen to mommy's words thing and what do you say to mommy?" I'm sorry. "and??!!" I won't spit. Good lord kid! Give your mom a break! :)

Darin has E overnight Friday looking forward to a) going out with Barb for her maythefourth(be with you) bday appys and movie and b) sleeping in saturday morning! Woot woot.

By the way, I'm putting out and all points bulletin for a decent single guy. So if you know of one, you know my digits homie.

Monday, April 24, 2006

No rain up north.....

E & I headed up north for the weekend. We stopped at Vaughan Mills to pick up Margie. Mom and dad had been there up north, so were able to enjoy the warm, sunny weather we had last week. It was alot cooler @ the cottage, but at least it didn't rain. Apparently, it rained all weekend in Burlington. I took Margie for a ride on the ATV, which was fun! Lots of mud. At the bottom of our giant hill, there is a creek and it has been washing away a bit of the road. Then, along the ATV/snowmobile trail a big chunk of the trail was washed away by the same creek. So, we had to stop and turn around. We headed up another trail that brings you up to Rankin Lake. I got a little crazy and fire it up the hill fast. We bumped around and then decided this was too dangerous! We had fun...
E stayed in his bed last night ! woo hoo! he didn't get out once I left the room!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

my baby is a big boy

Mom and Dad came over today to help me dismantle E's crib :( and now i'm sad! He's at Darin's today for their "Easter" together. I'm picking him up at 7pm and we're going to Carlisle for the night as the Easter Bunny is stopping there tonight. So, E won't spend his first night in his new big boy bed till tomorrow night. I'm semi confident that it will be ok as he 1) sleeps in a queen bed at darin's and 2) sleeps in a toddler bed at school for naptime. Fingers and toes crossed it won't be a battle every night to get him to stay in his new bed!! I was busy today cleaning house, got some new cute shoes for summer etc... going to go have a hot shower and get ready to pick E up. Will post Easter pics tomorrow night!! Happy Easter! or as Al says "Happy resurrection of Christ day".

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dash Sports...

Few pics of E's DashSports....he had a "ball" in that class! Have him enrolled for the KIK soccer thru Dash that starts end of may.

This is E learning from Coach Jaime how to swing a tennis racket.

Here he is with his Dash ribbon...Its now on the wall in his room!

After Dash we went with Grammie to his favourite place "Bdonalds". Grilled cheese happy meal please!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Just checked the weather network and it looks like we're supposed to have warmer weather next week!! woo hoo! + 5, 6 degrees c! Soooo looking forward! I should have planted tulip bulbs last fall, but comletely forgot. I'm sure the ice pansies will be out in the next couple of weeks.

I think E is going with his father up to Sudbury to visit his paternal grandparents. So, I'll have 2 nights & days all to myself!! What will I do?!? I've signed him up for soccer...that starts at the end of may. Just after his 3rd bday. THREE! OMG. Little monkey was up at 1am this morning...brought him to bed with me and he snuggled right next to me...he's not a snuggler, so it was kinda nice at first. But, then after 2 hrs of me not being able to fall asleep not so good. At least he slept till 8:30am.

Got my hair cut it. Steve @ Hairitage House is really good. Haven't had a good cut in well over a year!

Not many plans for this weekend it is Marty Perusini's (Barb's husband) FORTIETH b-day!!! old timer! So, will be going there Sat afternoon for "appetizer party". I guess I should get an app that will be easy for the old guy to chew! :)

Friday, March 17, 2006


To K & D who had a baby girl Kara on March 2nd. I went to see her this week...both mommy and baby are doing well. And what a cutie Kara is!! Tiny, tiny, tiny with a mop of black hair! Can't believe E was ever that small!

This morning E was watching Dora the Explorer - she was on an adventure to release 100 puppies from the pound. When she finally got there (after finding 100 keys) she released the hounds from their cages...E had THE biggest smile on his face!! Then he turned to me and said "mommy, i want a puppy". ARGH. thanks Dora.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GEOFF 'HERMANATOR' HERMANSON!! Only 6 yrs away from 40!! woo hoo!

Friday, March 03, 2006

What are you thinking?

> What would you like to do on a first date? coffee?dinner?mini golf?
I like the idea of a quick, informal maintainence/no pressure.

> Has Kim L had her baby? Is everything ok?

> I'm going to a Lock & Key party tomorrow night...(every guy gets a lock, every girl gets a key and you go around see where your key fits). A bit nervous about it. What does one wear to this event?

> I'm making Angel Food Cake with Espresso Mascarpone Cream for dinner group tonight. Is it going to suck or be delish?

> Is my baby ok? He's with his father till Sunday afternoon.

> Why oh why did I need to have a root canal? My tooth is STILL killing. Had it done on Tuesday morning. Well, at least my dentist is a hottie.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunny day

It's sunny out today!! About +3 today too! Hopefully, spring is just around the corner!

Pilates class last night. We didn't have one last week, so last night felt good to get back into it. Will probably sign up for her next session too. 10 weeks for $125...not too bad?

I started the WW a couple weeks ago...lost 2.2 the first week. And YES the .2 lbs count!! :) Mike at work asked me if I would like him to get a bagel for me from Tim Horton's this morning. (He saw me eating my sad sad skinny WW bread!). I say noooooooooooooo! I might as well have a full on doughnut then. (same pt value = 6) He then started looking at the points for McDonalds etc. He was quite surprised about how many "points" food is. The Low Fat muffins at Tim's are 5 pts.

Ex might have E overnight Friday. So, that means I can go out! Woo Hoo! might see what Chumbie is up to.

Monday, February 20, 2006

It's Been Awhile.....

since I last posted....

Well, we knew winter was going to happen sooner or later! It's been really cold her the month of February. Not nice, esp after we've been spoiled with relatively "warm" (+5c) weather. It was sooo cold this weekend that couldn't even take E out for a trip to the park. (-20c). He did enjoy Dash Sports this weekend. We did golf. This is a program I enrolled him in at the beginning of January. Every week a new sport is introduced. We've done soccer (he loved), hockey, basketball, football, tennis etc. He has a good time (its a parent and tot class).

On my second ballroom dance lesson there was a new student. A guy about my age! woo hoo! So, he asked if anyone ( I was standing with the other "singles") could show him what he missed the first week. So, of course I volunteered! He was my partner for the rest of the night. I didn't get a chance to talkt to him too much, cause I really have to concentrate on what I'm doing, otherwise I'll step on my partner's toes!! Then, the following week I was sick, so I was afraid someone would steal my new partner! This past Thursday I wnet to class, but he wasn't there! :( So, I was left to dance with a 150 yr old man that was not very good at dancing. I was tring to listen to the instructor and old guy wasn't listening and therefore not following the instructions and stepping on my toes or vice versa. Argh. Fingers and toes crossed the young guy is here this week!!

Mom and Dad are in Mexico for 2 weeks. Lucky them. Good time to go since its' so cold here!

We had Scott's 30th bday party on Feb 4th. It was fun...although not fun that my younger brother is 30.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cute pic

Here is a very cute pic of me and my baby!
Tuesday night was pilates. I seriously think the instructor is trying to kill us. If anyone has ever done pilates some of the exercises are very difficult! AND she had us doing pushups. Argh. Difficulty moving on Wednesday. re: sore muscles.
Met Kelly (prego 4 months), Kim (prego 7 months), Liz (bday girl), Tarryn and Vicki for dinner for Liz's bday. Fun times catching up.
First ballroom dance lesson was tonight. Slow, slow, quick, quick. It was the fox trot and we danced to some Michael Buble and Rod Stewart. There are quite a few single ladies in the class, so I'm not alone there. But, I am the youngest in the whole class by a good 20 yrs. Oh well, its fun and active! The female instructor asked if I had ever done it before...I said no. She said I was doing quite well! Dancing with the Stars here I come!! Or Ballroom bootcamp. (which is a really bad show on TLC).
I'm off to bed...Quiet weekend ahead , except for Dash Sports on Saturday.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing new to report...

> It's 4pm on the 23rd and I am still unsure who I want to vote for...criminals or extreme right wingers? maybe i'll just vote for the Green party?!
> E was with leloser this I had a nice time just me, myself and I on Sat...then had a few friends in Sat night...I made a nice Chicken Satay with Peanut was good!
> Last night E whispered to me again at bedtime, that there was a ghost behind the door. Ok, that really freaked me out. He's going to tell me that he sees dead people isn't he??!! Got him a couple long sleeved tops from Bonnie Togs today $6 each. Good price I thought - got him 3T for next year!

See > nothing new happening here! I did see a good movie last week called Dear Frankie. Its a scotish movie and Gerard Butler is HOT ! I likey him. Maybe more than I like George Clooney! Gasp!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Funny hat...

This is a hat that Uncle Scott used to wear when he was younger...he NEVER took it off. So, it's pretty funny when E puts it on!

Bath time

As you can see, he LOVES bath time!

Trying to get those darn socks on!

E has been trying to get his socks on himself lately...its pretty funny! He usually manages to get them on ! Big boy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First pilates class....ouch.

Had my first pilates class last night. First off, the teacher looks like Susan Hay from Global (totally pretty) and has a killer body. As Ross said, what a bitch. Then he said, maybe I should join the class! I am very stiff this morning. She didn't ease us into the program. We were doing hundreds 10 min into the hour! Think I will break out my Windsor Pilates tape to do a couple times in between her classes.
Ethan was with LeLoser last night, so I was able to get 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep! :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday night....ahhhh.

Had a pretty good weekend. E and I started his "Dash Sports" on Saturday morning with S & Joey. It's 45 min of various sports ie: soccer > kicking the ball, running. Jumping thru hoops on the ground, etc. E loved it! It was challenging for me, cause he doesn't like to sit and listen to the 'coaches'...but, I'm sure once he gets used to the routine it will be better.

Went over to Chumbies last night. Good times. Geoff, Marvski were there too. A couple beverages, and a board game that wasn't well, boring in the very least. Ear muffs mom > it was called "Who'd You Rather Do"....and basically, you are giving scenarios and you pick option a or b and the other players would place wagers on which option you would choose. It was funny at times, thats for sure!

Played outside with E today - it was actually a really nice day! not too cold! He just LOVES his new train set!

My pilates starts on Tuesday - looking forward. Uncle Scott will be babysitting for me. It's only an hour long, so, should be ok.

Was sorry to hear that my friend S lost her baby. Such a great loss for her, so I hope that she is doing ok. :)

Thats it. Peace out.

Monday, January 02, 2006

HAPPY 2006!!

As you can see from the pics, my New Years Eve was a fab time! My plans didn't solidify till noonish and I am very happy that the Perriers invited me to their get together! I brought my friend G with me...I think he had fun..I hope so, as I had a great time! The Trimbles and The Perriers are great people to get together with and I always have an awesome time! I love you guys! Yes, and that is a pic of S, mother of 4 kids taking a swig directly from the champagne bottle (which by the way was 15 yr old champagne!!! yummy). She needs it. 4 kids, 6, 4, 2 and 9 mo old. wow. I'm glad that we were all feeling the love that night....see tongue pic and M lovin G! So, I guess M liked G?! LOL. I might have had a glass of wine too much as you can tell from the pic of the 3 HOT SEXY GORGEOUS girls! Anyways, food was great and company was the best.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!