Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Buzz

First off - Happy Bday to my cousins Jen & Kristi - they are sisters born exactly 2 yrs apart. "Irish Twins" Nov 22 and happy bday to my friend Louise in L.A. Nov 21!!

So, I'm suffering from my 3rd cold in 6 weeks. Argh. Today, I Lysol'd the entire office, vaccuumed it and bought an air purifyer. Hoping that all this helps, as I am sick and tired of getting sick and tired!! I know that E is bringing home all kinds of germs from daycare, but you would think after him being in daycare for almost 3 yrs, I would have built up some kind of immunity to it!

I've been getting to the gym 3-4 times a week - started my old routine from '97 back before annoying ex husband and before kid! Hoping that my body will remember what it used to look like and start transforming itself. E and I are going to Florida in Feb to meet up with my parents (they have rented a condo down there), so want to be in better shape for swimsuit weather!

Everybody has got the Christmas buzz! I'm working on getting my xmas cards ordered online. E and I are joining the Trimble family on Dec 9th for our now annual Christmas Tree Chopping day. We actually go to a farm and hunt down the perfect tree and "Uncle Ross" (tarryn's husband) chops it down for us. Instead of going to the Dairy Queen parking lot and buying one!!! We had fun with them last year, so hoping it won't be too cold this year! I bought garland for the post on our front porch and the cutest polar bear - its white and at night lights up with tonnes of lights - so cute! Been wanting to buy it for a couple of years!

My builder called last week to advise that my move in date has been changed. It was supposed to be Feb 28th. I didn't think it would be done then - maybe March or April. She said it would be ready July 3rd. Rats! I was hoping that we would be in earlier. More time to save money for all the extra stuff like driveway, landscaping, patio in backyard etc. Still a bit disappointed tho.

E did not want to wear what I was putting on him this morning. (read MAJOR 3 yr old tantrum). Trying not to yell and be frustrated as we were already late, I said ok, you pick out what you want to wear and put it on. So, in he goes to his room, which he said I was not allowed into! Mommy, you stay out there, I'm getting dressed. Well, then, allright kid! He put on his undies (took off his pull ups that I put on him cause he hasn't mastered the pooping in the toilet yet!), socks his orange and black "bat halloween" shirt and jeans. He looked pretty good. He said, throwing his arms up in the air "All done mommy". Sigh. so cute.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trip to North Dakota

E, Grammie and I left for our trip to North Dakota bright and early on Friday Oct 13th. Yes, Friday the 13th. AND this is not the first time I've flown on a Friday the 13th. Went to Ireland in Aug '04 for Julie P's wedding! Anyways, a bit of a bumpy ride landing in Winnipeg, but nothing major! We found out why it was so bumpy landing once we exited the terminal to get our rental car though! The WIND was incredible. and COLD!
We made it to Grand Forks in one piece and met Nanny Mitzi at her apartment. She has a very nice place and seems quite happy there! We then went over to Auntie Jeanne & Uncle Dick's house where we stayed the weekend. We enjoyed some great food, company and walks to the neighbourhood park! E even made a friend at the park "hey buddy, hey buddy, you wanna race cars?".
Auntie Bobbie met us at Jean's and Nanny Mitzi, Grammie, E and I headed to Bemidji, MN to see Bobbie & Jon's new cottage. It was beautiful! E especially enjoyed the toy room.
The next day back in the car to go to Fargo, ND. E and I stayed at Jennie & Jai's house. E had a great time playing with cuzzie Jacob. They raced cars, tortured poor Baxter (dog who weighs about 5lbs), told Michael he wasn't allowed playing with their stuff, watched Wonder Pets, read books, had lunch and games at Space Aliens, in general, had a great time together!! Jen and I had a shopping day together - no kids! the Grammie and Nana babysat for us while we checked out Target, the mall, and party store (see my next post for E's Halloween costume) and lunch at a really fab Italian restaurant! It was so nice to be able to shop in peace!
The last night there, Nanny Mitzi, Bobbie, Grammie, Jen and I went out for a deluxe, delish dinner in downtown Fargo! Yummy! Poor Jai was left at home with the children. But, he handled it well, they all seemed to go to bed without any major problems!
Thanks guys for having us ! Remember, next time it's your turn!!