Saturday, December 31, 2005


Hey kids,

I'm just getting packed up for a night of good food, excellent company and a bit of the drink. Going to the Perriers with the Trimbles and Hermanator. Good times.
Was out last night with L from L.A - we had a couple martinis at the Martini House downtown Burl...the best was that I think the bartender forgot about us and didn't charge us for 3 martinis. We stood up and put our coats on and she still didn't say anything!
Have a happy and safe NYE everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Xmas Day...

Xmas you can see, Santa enjoyed his snack! Santa brought a wonderfully, loud keyboard w/ microphone for E...he really enjoys it! Lucky boy got a cool train set from Grammie and Bops...he LOVES it! He also got the wiggles cd, he LOVES the music or moo-mec as he calls it. We were dancing to it last night! He got spoiled big time! But, he was a good boy all year! Oh, and the pic of him blowing out the candles...he thinks the candles are for his bday cake and loves to blow them out!! It's pretty funny!
E is in Sudbury with LeLoser, ooops i mean his father, visiting the crazies, ooops i mean the Leblancs. Poor kid. Be strong little man!! I'm just kidding (am i?) he'll, have fun and I'm sure get spoiled. Doesn't mean I have to like it!! He'll be back on, here I am with 3 free nights to myself! I'm going to wash all the new sheets, duvet cover that mom and dad gave me for xmas...and get that set up on my bed. Think tomorrow night I'll run into the city (toronto) to visit Margie and Jones. Not sure what New Years Eve holds for me right now...

Hope you all had a very merry christmas!!

Xmas Eve....

E and I got up to Grammie and Boppie's house in the afternoon...E tried to open the presents right then! We decided to decorate the gingerbread house to get his mind off of the presents...candy will get your mind off anything!!

E would put his hand up to his ear..."I hear Santa coming!" cute is that?! Then, we got ready for bed, put out Cookies, milk and a handfull of cheerios of course for Santa. E was a good boy and went to bed no problem...He even slept till 8:15am Xmas morning!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Snow storm last thursday...NZ & Australia look good right about now!!

E & Boppie reading the paper this weekend

Swiss Pigeon and a movie.....

Ok, seriously, what is wrong with me??!! Had friends over Friday night and was making tortilla shells as chips (cut them up, brush with melted marg sprinkled with salt and bake till brown). They are in the oven and I guess I forgot, must have been the riveting chat we were having about some soft porn that is on channel 18 - the Latin channel late at night on the weekend. I won't reveal anynames, but it appears that someone is an avid watcher. Just kidding. So, anyways, I remembered the chips in the oven, opened the oven and the smoke came wafting out. Damnit. Then the fire alarm. Damnit. Lots of cursing, hitting the alarm with a broom. Kill the alarm! The chips needless to say were black. What is wrong with me? Could it be simply that I'm not paying attention? or That I'm a bad chef? Maybe I need lessons. or Maybe I need 10 extra hours in the day. or Maybe I need 12 extra hours of sleep a week??!! Who knows!

Went with Barb aka Lewis for our usual Swiss Pigeon (Chalet) for dinner and then a movie. Had the festive special. Yummy. We saw The Family Stone. Good flick. Alot more emotional than I thought it was going to be. I was actually crying! I don't cry. Well, at least in the movie theatre. You could hear alot of sniffeling in the theatre. Good movie.

Stayed over at Grammie and Bops house last night and E slept till 8:30 - that means I slept till 8:30!! woo hoo. Hope he naps this afternoon! Going to take him outside and let him run around in the snow...that will tucker him out! Its pretty cold outside - I think minus 3 C. Very jealous of my friends in NZ, Australia and L.A right now. Warmth/Sun!!

We are going to Auntie TT & Uncle Ross' house this afternoon for our gift exchange. TT has taken pity on us and invited us for dinner. I asked if I could bring something and she said, oh no, its ok. Maybe she's afraid I'll burn down her house??!! LOL.

Time to bundle up and brave the Canadian cold...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Brescia Girls

Met up with the "Brescia Girls" - girls who I was in first year university with @ Western. Kelly, Jules, Margie, Tarryn, Kerry & Liz. It was fun catching up with everyone - I pretty much keep in touch with all of them, but some of them hadn't seen each other in years. Everyone is healthy and happy. The insurance biz has claimed 2 of their employment lives. Insurance - it just sucks you in! But, I guess everyone needs insurance, thus lots of jobs available. BTW, if you want to go to a fab restaurant - Julia in downtown Oakville. V.good!
E was a bit happier this morning when I dropped him off - no tears. (he started at a new daycare 2 weeks ago and he's been crying when I leave him in the mornings). There are a total of 3 Ethan's in his class!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Traffic is dumb

Well, didn't make it to my date - took me an hour on the QEW to drive from Winston Churchill to Hurontario. This usually takes, what 5 min?!God damn traffic. I called boy to let him know traffic was bad and I was stuck - he said no problem, he was reading his book and would wait. (ahhh, nice! - and his voice sounded v.nice). So after sitting there for 5 min and not moving I called back and said still sitting here...he said he would call me back in 15 min to see where I was at that point. I couldn't see the traffic moving any faster once I got to Hurontario , so we decided to re-schedule the "meeting" God damn traffic. Disappointing yes. Hopefully, will have something set up to meet him after xmas. He said he was so sorry I drove all that way. I said, no I'm sorry. > At least we know his empathic to others. A nice characteristic to have. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Date Night

It's date night tonight. Well, I guess not a full-on date. More of a "meeting" an "interview". He is my age, lives in Toronto and is a writer/editor >> will get more details on that tonight. He doesn't mind dating a single mom cause his folks divorced when he was young. I'm sure 15 minutes into this "date" I will be able to determine if it's a yay or a nay. I'm driving to the Second Cup on The Queensway to meet him - in the plus and minus column, thats a minus - he doesn't have a car - is a city person. Will give the update tomorrow.

E has been sick > at least now he knows how to barf in a bucket. Poor guy, he was not well at all. But, seemed to really bounce back quickly. Now, he has a cold > green snot coming out of his nose. Lovely. He is with LeLoser today and overnight, so he can deal with sickness for once!

What am I going to wear tonight???!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Chumbalina's Party ... martinis are good.

Yes, Chumbie's party sat night...martinis are good! Of course, by the end of the night, Maria, Geoff, Al and I were dancing in the living room. Funny enough, I can't remember what music was playing. Highly enjoyable evening. Being the nice girl that I am (say: yes you are Stephanie), I brought an appy with me. The delightful bacon wrapped water chestnuts (or crestnuts as I was saying - that was only after 2 drinks!!yikes)... you put a toothpick in to hold the bacon around the chestnut. I did that. Unfortunately, I used menthol/minty toothpicks. Good god. I also brought a drink with me (Bacardi Razz from the LCBO website), and you put a few raspberries in the drink for decoration. Yep, my raspberries were a tad moldy. I know! Martha I am not. I get an A for effort tho right??!! So, had fun seeing the Chumley Bros...even if I momentarily got Rob & Craig mixed up...those damn Chumbies...they look so much alike. Steve and Jen Tsekrekos stopped by, good to see them always (and I'm not just saying that cause they read the blog!! :) ) Thanks to Geoff for letting me crash at your place - very nice of you :0 So, that was my wild n crazy night. Think we might be getting a tad too old to "kick'er down" like that ... recoop time is MUCH longer than it used to be. And, of course, can't eat the "recovery food" of McDonalds anymore...that would just make the situ much much worse!!

Xmas Tree Adventure

Good times had by all! Thanks to Uncle Ross for chopping down our tree (pic of E and I pre-chop). Don't hate Auntie TT and I cause our kids are so freakin cute!! Who are those 2 HSG girls??!! (hot, sexy, gorgeous)...thats right sister. We had a super time with the Trimbles on our adventure. My tree is in my garage - not going to put it up for a couple of weeks. GASP! I know, Auntie TT already gave me shite for that!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Oh, forgot to mention, I've been told that I don't write nice, neat paragraphs when I'm emailing or blogging for that matter. Geoff Hermanator Hermanson told me that. Heh. My brain is usually working overtime and I've got a zillion different thoughts going thru my pea brain that I don't have time for the paragraphs. But, I will try young Geoffrey, to do the paragraph thing. No promises.
Enjoy your friday night kids.
peace out,


'sup. Friday night. Just read an awesome blog...this chick is funny! It's rated R - she swears alot, but I think its quite hilarious!
Had loverly dinner with RBC Girls - Heather & Pauline - met at Square One (mall) for dinner at a restaurant - Moxies, then did a bit of xmas shopping. Bought myself a fab new top from Banana Republican (gulp = mucho deneiro). But, I broke out my colour wheel of my SUMMER colours and the colour is marked as ** = excellent. So, HAD to get it!!
Quite the busy week on my plentyoffish dating website. A few prospects. A teacher in Burlington, another guy in Burlington (can't remember what he does = yawn) and a writer/editor in Toronto > semi interested in this fellow.
So thats me... Going to chop down a xmas tree tomorrow with the Trimble Family - hoping RDT does the chopping. Also, better not be as freakin - ok I'm going to say it - fecking!! cold as it was today. Might be a very quick trip to the tree farm in that case!
Peace out.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Online Dating - not so bad.

A boy asked me out for coffee!! (actually 2 guys did, but I'm not 100% sure of one of them)... So, my friend the Hermanator asked me why it says I do drugs >3 times a week on my profile. Oooops. Perhaps the reason for the snake breeders and "body art" guys emailing me on this site??!! So, I've amended that to read that I do not do drugs. I've been emailing back with a guy who lives here in Borington, he's a teacher at a local high school. He seems to meet some of my, I might tell him ok for the coffee. Oh, the dating website is I know, cheesey name. Faith momentarily restored in the online dating.

Monday, November 28, 2005

E & THE motorcycle

Whew. Another busy weekend!

1) Jewellery party @ KL's house...very fun...purchased some loverly earings for me! Gabbed, ate, purchased. A good time.
2) Got my "colours" done by friend Jules. Drum roll..... I am a SUMMER! So, now I am equipped with my 'swatches' of the summer colours that I look good in!
3) T.W's 2nd bday party! My party animal son decided to not have his nap and ended up falling asleep in the car and stayed asleep in the indoor playland for about 40 min...but, when he woke up he was ready to partay! He loved the motorized motorcycles...would not get off of it!
4) Online dating... do I have to be really specific with these people? Please if you are covered in tatoos and are a snake breeder I'm not interested. Seriously. He had a pic of himself with snake on his arm. I'm about to give up AGAIN with the online dating. Too time consuming and the people are never what I want.
5) E started @ his new "school" today...montesorri 1/2 day and daycare 1/2 day. He seemed quite happy when I left... Mommy has to go to work now... "ok, bye mommy". I called @ noon to find out how he was doing and his teacher said he was very happy, loved playing outside with the other kids, had 3 pieces of bread for lunch and loved the pudding! Of course!
Happy Birthday Tay - we really enjoyed your party!! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tried to get nice xmas card photos done...

mister e would not "pose" nicely tho...argh!! so, hopefully the card will be ok.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Spur of the moment

Ex had E yesterday and at 4:30pm he asked if he could keep E overnight. I said it was fine. So, there I was wondering what am I going to do with this "free time".... Called my friend K.L and asked if she wanted to go see Derailed w/ Jennifer Aniston... she was happy to come with. It was quite a good movie .... lots of twists/suspense. AND K.L had passes, so the movie and treats were free! LOVE IT. So, last minute/spur of the minute and inexpensive!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Didn't do much, but it felt like a busy weekend!

Was at Toys R Us by 9:30am on Sat morning...looking for one of E's xmas gifts...Found it, not the same as I saw at Target but price was right and he'll like it. Was hard to get E out of that store (wig out #1 of the weekend).
Grammie and Bops came by to fix my no heat issue...I went with Bops to ManLand...Home Depot. Got a new thermostat...that seemed to do the trick and now we have heat!
Of course, E wouldn't nap at his regular time ... so he feel asleep in his Elmo chair at 4pm. Brought him to his crib and he slept till 5:30... I watched Season 3, Episode 4 of Six Feet Under... I LOVE that show..totally addicted to it. E and I played outside after dinner @ was quite mild out...and we looked at the "Christmas Trees".... he loves the lights on the trees.
Sunday morning the Girl Chichs' , E and I went to Springridge farm to do the "Xmas Activities"... we met Lewis, J and her neighbourhood friends there.... (Wig out #2 of the weekend occured when we tried to leave...had to get E out of the huge sandbox - he was NOT happy to leave).... Was fun and cute for the kids...we made gingerbread men...they baked them and then we decorated them... also painted on a glass ornament, which E then dropped and it broke into a million pieces. Too bad. E didn't seem to mind tho. (avoiding another wig out).
E would n't nap again (seeing a pattern here??!!) .... so we drove up to Grammie and Bops house...he feel asleep in the car and then slept in Grammie's bed for another hour. Many a wig out followed and a time out... He doesn't like time outs it seems... :) I've got to get reading my latest parenting book 1, 2, 3 Magic.
I fell asleep at 9:30 and missed the last part of Desperate Housewives....
So, we sure didn't do much this weekend...but we felt tired by the end of Sunday!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Too cold...indoors and out

So, my heat isn't working...will get on Union Gas this morning. E woke up at 11pm last night (he's had a bad cough this week) so I brought him into bed with me... he flip flopped for 2 hrs, took up majority of bed, coughed and was grinding his teeth!! Good God. Yep, I'm feeling a tad tired this morning. He was up at 7am moving my hair out of my face and whispering "mommy wake up, time to get up".... ARGH. Everything was fine until it was time to get dressed. He was not interested. Was not listening to me at all (early signs of MANhood). I even used Auntie TT's tag line "E, please listen to mommy's words".... didn't work. So, we struggle to get diaper and clothes on, then finally made it downstairs, struggled to get boots, coat, mitts, hat (don't ya love winter??!!) on. Finally get in the car and then he says "No school" and starts to get mad that we're going to school. double ARGH. He was happy enough to get to class - his buddy Aaron came running up to him and they went off playing. See ya kid! Now, I'm at work and have to call Union Gas to get heat in my house. Not good to not have heat when its -3 degrees outside. AND its only 9:30am.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

No Coldplay Tics for me :(

Tics went on sale yesterday for Coldplay (am exp holders) I tried to get thru for 1 hr...finally did, she said she could get me 4 tics, 2 and 2 together. Then we got cut off. ARGH. So I called back, another 1/2 waiting on phone. This girl said that she could get me 4 tickets but none of them would be sitting together. Ok, so, lets go to a concert but sit with strangers. No thanks. VERY disappointing.

New to this...

Ok, new to the blogging...don't know if I'm doing this right, but we will see!