Monday, May 29, 2006

E's birthday party at Springridge Farm

E had his bday party this past weekend...the weather was fantastic and the farm was so much fun for the kids!! They went on a tractor ride, pony rides, did crafts, went into the chicken coop and got eggs. E tried to pat the chicken! She flapped her wings and squalked! They got to feed the goats, play on the hay bales and drive mini tractors...and after all that was lunch and presents! On the way home he fell asleep and slept for 3 hrs that afternoon! It was so much fun and E loved seeing his friends!! Here are some pics of the kids at the farm!

Monday, May 22, 2006

E turns 3 yrs old!!

Hard to believe that it has been 3 years since May 23, 2003 when E was born at 6.17pm and weighed 7lb, 4 oz!! He was so sweet and cute! And had quite a set of lungs on him!

He is now about 35 lbs, 41 inches and almost out of diapers!! He still has quite the set of lungs... and can talk and talk and talk. Doesn't stop from sunup till sundown! He loves adventures and exploring at the cottage! This pic was taken today ... he was helping me carry some wood to the wood pile! He still makes my heart melt!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Taywer came for dinner"

E and T get soooo excited when they get together...its so cute. Here are some pics from tonight!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Since the weekend, E says "why?" after EVERYTHING I say! Put your boots on E its raining...why? Its raining and wet outside, you need your boots...why? ARGH!!Cause mommy said so. Then sometimes I guess I give him a satisfying answer to his question he just says "oh". He def is quite the chatter box > must get that from the Bebonk (as he says it) side.

I had a nice lunch with Julie P, Kelly & Liz...then J & K and I went over to Winners and shopped a bit. Kelly is def in the "brutally uncomfortable" stage of her pregnancy...she has the baby in 23 days June 8th. I think she's only working for another week.

It is supposed to rain all week ... hopefully, it stops for the weekend and is nice and warm up north. We will be having E's bday celebration up north!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We get so many complaints from clients about the price of insurance... but how about gas??!! I heard that it's going up to 1.40$ / L this summer. I rec'd an email today with a good idea... boycotting Canada's 2 largest gas companies Esso and Petro Cda. Use other gas Pioneer . Thought that was a good idea. The vacation/cottage areas are going to feel the pain of the cost of gas this summer because noone will be able to afford to drive anywhere!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I am sitting at my desk right now and hear what sounds like either a) a newborn baby type sound that you hear during the first 2 weeks of his/her life at 3am or b) a cat being tortured or c) a racoon fighting with another animal. So, not a pleasant sound at all. Very disturbing. Wait, its gone. Whew. Hope it wasn't one of the neighbourhood bunnies. E loves watching them as they chomp on my grass.

I actually saw the look of fear in E tonight. He has been spitting when he gets mad and it drives me nuts. So when he did it tonight on the front step (he wanted to play out more, but it was time for bath), I looked at him, took his hands and squeezed them. DO NOT SPIT AT MOMMY, MOMMY IS VERY UPSET RIGHT NOW. He actually flinched! I think this is good that he understands when I'm mad cause he usually looks right thru me. He knew he was in trouble...he marched in the house took his shoes and jacket off and went upstairs. I did the whole "you need to listen to mommy's words thing and what do you say to mommy?" I'm sorry. "and??!!" I won't spit. Good lord kid! Give your mom a break! :)

Darin has E overnight Friday looking forward to a) going out with Barb for her maythefourth(be with you) bday appys and movie and b) sleeping in saturday morning! Woot woot.

By the way, I'm putting out and all points bulletin for a decent single guy. So if you know of one, you know my digits homie.