Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thomas the Tank Engine

Grammie, Bops and I took E to A Day Out With Thomas last week in St. Thomas, ON which apparently is the train capital of Ontario. Who knew? Well, you should have seen all the little boys running around with their Thomas shirts on! When E first saw Thomas it was a bit like seeing Santa...really excited to see him, but when you get up close and personal he's not too sure this is such a great idea. We boarded the train for a ride around the town about 20 min long...he loved that. Then stood in line to get his pic with Thomas. There was tonnes of other stuff to check out too. He had a great time and Boppie bought him 3 new Thomas trains for his track at home! Of course he HAD to bring them monday morning to school!! :)

My new house...

So, I bought a house November 05...its not supposed to be ready till March 07. Thought I would post the progress of the building for all to see. Right now the city is in there doing the gas lines, hydro, sewers, roads etc. The builder says that I should be able to go pick out my cabinets, flooring etc this August. Here is the link for the builder...my house is the Alton Village, Meadowlark model.
http://www.valeryhomes.com/ You can see the Niagara Escarpment in the background.

Little Otter Lake Weekend with Friends

'Chillax' - to chill and relax. It was the word of the weekend. And lots of chillaxing was done. Julie P, Kerry, Maria, Hermanator, Chumbie and I were up at the cottage a couple weeks ago.

It was Maria's first time north of Toronto -- she hails from Venezuela. She was introduced to the sounds& sights of the north. Frog sounds - Al does the best imitation, loon calls, lily pads and our gorgeous lake. Oh, and the sounds of Chumbie's new Sirus satellite radio were also heard. So many stations, so little time!

A few fruity cocktails were consumed (mostly by the guys), some tubing behind the boat was done, a little jumping off the boat and swimming was enjoyed. We did our best the first night to stay out and have a fire but unfortunatley, the bugs were horrible! And of course, certain city kids were unable to actually start the fire.

We discovered that Geoffwinder 'Bachelor Extrodinaire' has a new woman in his life. The question that left us all wondering was will our Geoffwinder miss his new love this weekend? Stay tuned.

Kerry and Julie have not changed one bit since our days at Brescia College @ Western. Still as chatty and friendly as ever! Too bad Jules' hubby the loverly Brit Nigel couldn't join us...next time Nige!

Thanks guys, I had a great time!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where have I been??

Yes, I know, I haven't posted in a bit but, will do a quickie entry now. Summer has been fab thus far...
> Girls weekend at Sauble Beach with Barb, cousin Kym Hall and Sparkling Sue. It was fun, to just chillax and not have to worry about anyone but me! We had some yummy meals, perused the shops, read magazines, suntanned a bit (loved Sue's tan er, burn)...good times.

> I had a weeks vacation after the July 1 holiday. E and I went up to the cottage with mom. We went to Santa's Village one day. E just loved it. It is such a great place to take kids. His favourite was the train, of course. His love of trains is in his genes his father (CN) and his great grandpa mills (CP). We saw Santa in his "summer outfit" and E was amazed when we saw Mrs. Claus in the bathroom. "why she in there? well, even Mrs. Claus has to go tinkle". We had fun swimming, jumping off the dock, playing in the lake and sand, going on "adventures" etc.

> This coming weekend I have the cottage to myself and E is with his dad. My friends Al, Geoff, Kerry, Julie, Nigel and Maria are coming up to the cottage so I am really looking forward to enjoying the cottage without having to look after a 3 yr old! It'll just be different! I can sit out in the sun and not have to worry he is going to wonder off! I already miss my poopie tho! :( Yesterday, I was rushing to get him ready for school and he put his hands on his hips and said "mommy, be patient". er, ok. So, I waited a mintue and said , ok can we go now? and he said, yes. Wow. Unbelievable! too cute! but, wow.

I will report back Monday to tell all the funness of the weekend and try to get some pics up from the cottage!