Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thomas the Tank Engine

Grammie, Bops and I took E to A Day Out With Thomas last week in St. Thomas, ON which apparently is the train capital of Ontario. Who knew? Well, you should have seen all the little boys running around with their Thomas shirts on! When E first saw Thomas it was a bit like seeing Santa...really excited to see him, but when you get up close and personal he's not too sure this is such a great idea. We boarded the train for a ride around the town about 20 min long...he loved that. Then stood in line to get his pic with Thomas. There was tonnes of other stuff to check out too. He had a great time and Boppie bought him 3 new Thomas trains for his track at home! Of course he HAD to bring them monday morning to school!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Jake says "I wanna go dere!" Looks like lots of fun to him. We go to Sesame Street Live in a few weeks. Should be fun. Jenn