Monday, February 05, 2007

Splish Splasing away!

My friends Kirsten and Rob had a fun bday party for their kids Maddie (8) and Braden (5) yesterday. It was at the Fallsview Waterpark in Niagara Falls. It's on top of the parking garage. Huge water slides, wave pool, medium sized waterslides/structure and toddler/preschooler type waterplay area. Needless to say, it was tonnes of fun, even though I had to wear a bathing suit in public the entire time! Damn those Lindberg thunder thighs.
Kirsten watched E for me a couple of times while I went down the big slides (E was too short and too chicken to go on them!). They watched me come blasting down and E just thought it was hilarious and funny! It was soooo fast and I was sputtering away from the water shooting up my nose and face!
There is this bell that starts ringing and all the kids come running and stand under this HUGE bucket that dumps water onto them. They all run away laughing hysterically. E did it once and didn't like it too much, but loved watching the other kids do it.
It was great fun - E was very tired last night! I'm sure he slept well!
The falls were beautiful too.... we didn't get out (too cold -20c) but drove by. Everything was frozen and looked so cool!


jennifer said...

We are trying to get a weekend to go to this big water park in Minneapolis with K's kids...should be fun if we can make it. Sounds like you had a fun time...hope your Fla. trip is good...we had a good time in Mexico...right now I wish I was back there -30 deg. F before windchill super super cold! Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Hey...what a fun time that sounds like!! Haven't heard from your folks but did call them on Fri to tell them to to enjoy the sun and soak up some for us....thank you Alberta for the little clipper you sent our way! BRRRRRRRRR! Have fun in FL. Auntie B