Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Weekend

I watched 2 really good movies this weekend - Little Miss Sunshine and the Last Kiss. I recommend them!
After gymnastics class Saturday morning E and I met Grammie at the mall. Went to the pet shop. Thinking I might be E a guinea pig for his bday this year - I had Angel a white, albino GP when I was a kid and then I had Gidget a orange & white rough haired GP a few years later. They are great little pets and pretty low maintenance. So, we looked at them - I love the "squeaking" noise they make. E loves that show Wonder Pets - one of the characters is a GP "Linny". On the way home, I asked E if he would like GP and of course, he said yes... He wants a black one with curly hair and he's going to name him E----. I said, don't you think the GP should have his own name? Maybe blackie or cupcake or curly. Nope, he wants his name to be the same as his!
Pretty uneventful weekend - it was -15 degrees c, so we didn't go outside. I don't think E would mind the cold, but mommy sure would! Just about 3 weeks till E and I meet Grammie and Bops in Florida for 10 days! Can't wait!


Big Guy said...

Hey Princess - I'll have to back up your comment about Little Miss Sunshine. It's a brilliant movie, in turns scary (in what some parents will do to their daughters at beauty pageants), sad (gandpa) and of course hilariously funny ("I'm the Number One Proust Scholar in the US").

Anonymous said...

Cold here too .....On Sat it was -2 at noon....with wind chills of -30....the kind of weather where if you go to talk it is so cold that you can hardly form words....lips feel numb!!! I couldn't help but wonder how anyone would survive 5 min. out there if stranded!
GP hmmm? sounds like a good idea to me. Jakie has two tropical fish in his little aquarium...he talks to them every night before bed.....tells me they are his to Baxie. Miss those two little guys.....saw Jenn today all tan from her trip.....she was really missing them on her trip....24 hrs later it all came back to her....HA! They had a great relaxing time....Auntie B

Anonymous said...

Loved Little Miss Sunshine too....We went to Dreamgirls this past wkend and really enjoyed it. The music and the clothes really brought back memories! Amer I contestant Jennifer Hudson gave you goosebumps every time she sang and Eddie Murphy was great.Cold here....cold air from Alberta...coming your way I hear. Will be good to head for MX in a wk and a 1/ to walk in the mall....take it easy and stay warm...Auntie B Hear from your folks?

~steph~ said...

Auntie B - spoke with them yesterday, they are at their friends in Charlotte, NC till today.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the GP the Oakville Humane Society has many to choose from. Do not buy from a pet store its just promoting breeding when there are already too many unwanted animals sitting in our shelters. Take care.