Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can I hear a "Wooooooooo Hooooooooooo"!?!!!

This mommy is very very happy.... Since last Thursday E has been pooping on the toilet! THANK GAWD! It's been a real issue with him...he's been scared. I got great advice from Auntie Louise in L.A... make a chart up with the stickers etc, but when they have an accident in their pants put a big black "X" on that day. E did not like the black x. I also took away his McQueen cars (put on top of fridge) !! I know, I'm so mean as Barb said. But, it worked!!

Fingers and toes crossed it continues!! :)

Now, if he would only eat something else besides ham and cheese sandwiches.......

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jennifer said...

That is good! We had a chart from the beginning...it worked but, eventually we had to start taking the McQueen's away too. One day he just decided it was gonna happen. He had to be trained before school started last Fall...I know, Jake is so stubborn so it took him awhile. Good Luck...J