Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy FOURTH Birthday to my baby!

Been awhile....

We celebrated E's 4th bday on the 23rd. Out to dinner with Gram, Bops, Uncle Scott and Auntie Tracy. The restaurant we went to has a magician that walks around to all the tables on Wednesday nights. E loved that and tried to copy the magic tricks! "abara cadabara" he would say and hide his card in his shoe just like the magician.

Then went back to my place for presents and cake. Auntie TT and her girls came over too. Very fun and of course E was so spoiled.

Had his bday party at Springridge Farms again this year. They do such an awesome job - v.organized and fun for the kids. The rain held off for us too! :) Had 2 girls and 9 boys come to the party. They all really enjoyed themselves! Even the ex husband came too. Which was nice for E and me - easier to chat with the other parents when I don't have to watch my whirling dervish all the time!

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Anonymous said...

That's our cutie. I love the photo on the pony. I remember his first pony ride at our place .. for b'day #1.