Saturday, March 03, 2007

Trip to Florida

Whew! We made it to Florida - the ride to the airport was a bit tense, but our flight was only 1/2 hr late due to de-icing. Big thanks to Mr. Hall for coming to my house so early to drive us there and drive my car home!!! :)
We arrived in Orlando afternoon of the 14th...E was thrilled to see Boppie and Grammie. I would have been thrilled to see my suitcase, but alas, it did not make it. The girl at the bagage counter seemed a little more concerned that her "favourite pen" was missing. Then, she left and said she would be right back. Ok, you don't do that to Doug (my dad) and I. We can get a tad surly at times. I said to the other girl behind the counter, um, do you think that girl is coming back, because I'm pretty sure my missing suitcase is a little more important than her missing pen! GAWD. So, she came back, I filled out the forms, we left. Turns out that another passenger took my bag my mistake (after 2 phone calls to airline, 2 to baggage claims people who were useless). I got the bag back 10pm (because the airport's delivery van forgot to drop it off when they said it would be at noon), on Thursday 15th. Double GAWD.

We spent Thursday at Disney's Magic Kingdom. It was great. E had a great time seeing the characters, getting their autographs and pics with them. What a racket tho! Disney is a serious corporation/business. They hit you with the merchandise pretty hard, not to mention the cost to get into the park. Vic and Doug were hoping there would be a "golden/seniors price. No such luck. (boppie bought a "Grumpy" sweatshirt cause it was a chilly 50 F that day! )I know a few of my friends really enjoy Disney, but it's just not my thang. E had a great time, it was fun watching him, but I really wouldn't care if I never went back. I know, the shock and the horror of it!! The "value resort" we stayed at was Pop Century and it was really nice - clean rooms, nice pool (there were even people swimming when it was 50f outside - in their heads they must have been thinking "dammit, I'm in Florida and I'm going to swim in the G.D pool, even if my digits freeze off!!"
We drove to Naples on Friday. After unpacking, E and I met my friends Rick and Kelly & their T at the McDonalds playland. Now, the original plan was to meet at the beach, but Florida was having a real cold snap and we decided to meet at McD's and then go to Target. Wish we could have gone to the beach with them!
It finally got really warm on monday. We enjoyed the pool and beach monday - friday. E had a great time making sandcastles, jumping in the waves, checking out the fishermen & pelicans at the Naples Pier. Everywhere we went, E would make friends. In the pool one day, some older kids about 8 or 10 yrs old were swimming too, E swims up to them and says "hi, I'm E and this is my friend mummy". It was soooo cute and funny! There were some older "kids" early 20's from Ontario at the pool too. E had fun throwing the rings into the pool and one of the guys Pierre (from Sudbury, I can not escape people from Sudbury), would dive down and get them for E. E thought this was just hilarious! Even on the plane home, he walked down the aisle high fiving the other passengers. Hey, dude! Then, he would tell them he was Lightning McQueen. Oh dear, I think I have a real comic on my hands!

We came home, tanned, relaxed, a bag full of shells, a suitcase 10lbs over the limit (oops) and energized to deal with the rest of winter!! Thanks Grammie and Bops for having us, we had a wonderful time with you!!

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