Monday, April 24, 2006

No rain up north.....

E & I headed up north for the weekend. We stopped at Vaughan Mills to pick up Margie. Mom and dad had been there up north, so were able to enjoy the warm, sunny weather we had last week. It was alot cooler @ the cottage, but at least it didn't rain. Apparently, it rained all weekend in Burlington. I took Margie for a ride on the ATV, which was fun! Lots of mud. At the bottom of our giant hill, there is a creek and it has been washing away a bit of the road. Then, along the ATV/snowmobile trail a big chunk of the trail was washed away by the same creek. So, we had to stop and turn around. We headed up another trail that brings you up to Rankin Lake. I got a little crazy and fire it up the hill fast. We bumped around and then decided this was too dangerous! We had fun...
E stayed in his bed last night ! woo hoo! he didn't get out once I left the room!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

my baby is a big boy

Mom and Dad came over today to help me dismantle E's crib :( and now i'm sad! He's at Darin's today for their "Easter" together. I'm picking him up at 7pm and we're going to Carlisle for the night as the Easter Bunny is stopping there tonight. So, E won't spend his first night in his new big boy bed till tomorrow night. I'm semi confident that it will be ok as he 1) sleeps in a queen bed at darin's and 2) sleeps in a toddler bed at school for naptime. Fingers and toes crossed it won't be a battle every night to get him to stay in his new bed!! I was busy today cleaning house, got some new cute shoes for summer etc... going to go have a hot shower and get ready to pick E up. Will post Easter pics tomorrow night!! Happy Easter! or as Al says "Happy resurrection of Christ day".