Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Weekend

I watched 2 really good movies this weekend - Little Miss Sunshine and the Last Kiss. I recommend them!
After gymnastics class Saturday morning E and I met Grammie at the mall. Went to the pet shop. Thinking I might be E a guinea pig for his bday this year - I had Angel a white, albino GP when I was a kid and then I had Gidget a orange & white rough haired GP a few years later. They are great little pets and pretty low maintenance. So, we looked at them - I love the "squeaking" noise they make. E loves that show Wonder Pets - one of the characters is a GP "Linny". On the way home, I asked E if he would like GP and of course, he said yes... He wants a black one with curly hair and he's going to name him E----. I said, don't you think the GP should have his own name? Maybe blackie or cupcake or curly. Nope, he wants his name to be the same as his!
Pretty uneventful weekend - it was -15 degrees c, so we didn't go outside. I don't think E would mind the cold, but mommy sure would! Just about 3 weeks till E and I meet Grammie and Bops in Florida for 10 days! Can't wait!

Monday, January 15, 2007

so much for that warm weather!

It's -3 degrees c today. I could hear the rain/ice falling against my bedroom window since about 1am this morning. Needless to say, it was not pretty when I got up. My car was covered in ice (can't wait for my new house to be built with a garage that my car will actually fit in!!). Scott was scraping the ice off his car too. We were pouring hot water on the windshields to make it easier to get the caked on ice off. Took me a good 1/2 hour. It's a bit slippery but not that bad. The rain/freezing rain is supposed to turn into snow this afternoon. Thank goodness I don't have to commute to work! It's about 2km to the daycare then about 2km to work.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Weather has been phenomenal here! It was 12degrees c yesterday and today! (52F). Personally, I love it - don't need to bother with snowpants, hats, mitts, winterboots...much easier! Think E has only worn his snowpants twice ! I'm sure it will all come to an end soon enough - we'll be hit with a tonne of snow and -15 degree weather.