Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pink Eye strikes!

Phone call at 2pm on Monday : Hi Stephanie, it's Tanya from E's daycare, we need to you to come pick up E because we think he might have pink eye. Ugh. Then there was 1.5 hr of "waiting" (read of trying to keep a very active 3 yr old occupied in the waiting room without pissing off sick people waiting to see the dr.),at the clinic. When we finally got to the dr, he simply glanced at E and said, oh ya, thats pink eye allright. Then the 1/2 hr wait at Walmart for the prescription. E took off his shoes and socks and threw them out of the buggy. Good freakin God. Finally got home and after a time out in his bedroom for poor behaviour in Walmart that made mommy very upset, I put the drops in his eyes. 2 drops each eye 3 x a day for 7 days. The only way to get the eye drop job done is to lie him on the ground, put his head inbetween my legs, pin his arms under my legs and pry open his eyes which he has firmly closed. Of course he is screammmmming and kicking his legs around. Not even the promise of smarties can persuade this boy to let me put the drops in. Yeah, this is definitely going to mean 5 yrs of therapy for him as an adult!

His father picked him up at noon so I could go to work and tackle my 2 foot high paperwork. Insurance biz definitely is not paper friendly. Honestly, there is a tree worth of paper delievered to our office on a daily basis. I called E after work to see how he was> this was the conversation : "Hi E, Hi mommy, how are you baby, Good, mommy. What you doing mommy? I'm at work E, What you doing at work mommy? I'm processing policies. Why? Because people bought insurance from mommy. Coooool!!, mommy." Heh. if he only knew how uncool insurance was! But, at least I got a "cool" about my work. All I hear about is trains, trains, trains. His father is a conductor for CN Rail. And, to a little boy I guess that is the coolest job.

My eyes are itchy.....hope this is just 'sympathy' itch.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bye Bye Summer?

E on the Labour Day weekend at the cottage. The weather was great on the friday, but was icky the rest of the weekend. :(
Went out last night for a friend of a friend's stagette. I didn't get picked up till 10:30pm! I almost didn't go out...I was so comfy in my jammies! Usually in bed by 10:30 , not going out at that time!! But, it was fun. As stagettes always are! We ended up at Joe Dog's on Brant St. They actually asked us for ID! We were all so happy. Most of the cliente were born in the 80's. GAWD. But, we were there kickn'er down till 1:30am!
E spend most of the afternoon throwing up. ick. Poor little guy...my poor couch. Yep, barfed ALL over it. I consulted a few people, then discovered the original invoice and ah ha! the "protection plan" for the couch! So, I called in a claim and they are going to send me a new cover for the one cushion in 8-12 weeks. After chatting with my neighbour Christiane, she advised she has a similar couch and had thrown the cushion cover in the wash on gentle after potty training incident years ago and it came out ok...Unable to stand the stench that was wafting in my family room from trying to "air out" the cushion, I threw the sucker in the wash. Looks ok now...just hang drying it. Fingers and toes crossed. Will see how it looks in the morning.
I have my bedroom and E's bedroom all rigged up with puke proofing. Towels on floors, mattresses covered with extra sheets. Hopefully, he sleeps thru the night without incident.
Oh, forgot to mention that I am 'babysitting' Jasper my parents black toy poodle. I think the babysitting is going to turn permanent tho as he doesn't seem to like his new digs at parents new highrise condo they just moved into downtown Burlington. soooo, after E threw up dirty Jazzy was in there eating it. GAWD. the smell was horrible I was near tears and almost threw up myself. Quite the scene.
I will leave you with that pleasant thought! Sweet dreams.

P.S E has said he wants to be a ghost for hallowe'en...any costume ideas? Besides the standard white sheet over kid.