Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cute pic

Here is a very cute pic of me and my baby!
Tuesday night was pilates. I seriously think the instructor is trying to kill us. If anyone has ever done pilates some of the exercises are very difficult! AND she had us doing pushups. Argh. Difficulty moving on Wednesday. re: sore muscles.
Met Kelly (prego 4 months), Kim (prego 7 months), Liz (bday girl), Tarryn and Vicki for dinner for Liz's bday. Fun times catching up.
First ballroom dance lesson was tonight. Slow, slow, quick, quick. It was the fox trot and we danced to some Michael Buble and Rod Stewart. There are quite a few single ladies in the class, so I'm not alone there. But, I am the youngest in the whole class by a good 20 yrs. Oh well, its fun and active! The female instructor asked if I had ever done it before...I said no. She said I was doing quite well! Dancing with the Stars here I come!! Or Ballroom bootcamp. (which is a really bad show on TLC).
I'm off to bed...Quiet weekend ahead , except for Dash Sports on Saturday.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing new to report...

> It's 4pm on the 23rd and I am still unsure who I want to vote for...criminals or extreme right wingers? maybe i'll just vote for the Green party?!
> E was with leloser this I had a nice time just me, myself and I on Sat...then had a few friends in Sat night...I made a nice Chicken Satay with Peanut was good!
> Last night E whispered to me again at bedtime, that there was a ghost behind the door. Ok, that really freaked me out. He's going to tell me that he sees dead people isn't he??!! Got him a couple long sleeved tops from Bonnie Togs today $6 each. Good price I thought - got him 3T for next year!

See > nothing new happening here! I did see a good movie last week called Dear Frankie. Its a scotish movie and Gerard Butler is HOT ! I likey him. Maybe more than I like George Clooney! Gasp!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Funny hat...

This is a hat that Uncle Scott used to wear when he was younger...he NEVER took it off. So, it's pretty funny when E puts it on!

Bath time

As you can see, he LOVES bath time!

Trying to get those darn socks on!

E has been trying to get his socks on himself lately...its pretty funny! He usually manages to get them on ! Big boy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First pilates class....ouch.

Had my first pilates class last night. First off, the teacher looks like Susan Hay from Global (totally pretty) and has a killer body. As Ross said, what a bitch. Then he said, maybe I should join the class! I am very stiff this morning. She didn't ease us into the program. We were doing hundreds 10 min into the hour! Think I will break out my Windsor Pilates tape to do a couple times in between her classes.
Ethan was with LeLoser last night, so I was able to get 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep! :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday night....ahhhh.

Had a pretty good weekend. E and I started his "Dash Sports" on Saturday morning with S & Joey. It's 45 min of various sports ie: soccer > kicking the ball, running. Jumping thru hoops on the ground, etc. E loved it! It was challenging for me, cause he doesn't like to sit and listen to the 'coaches'...but, I'm sure once he gets used to the routine it will be better.

Went over to Chumbies last night. Good times. Geoff, Marvski were there too. A couple beverages, and a board game that wasn't well, boring in the very least. Ear muffs mom > it was called "Who'd You Rather Do"....and basically, you are giving scenarios and you pick option a or b and the other players would place wagers on which option you would choose. It was funny at times, thats for sure!

Played outside with E today - it was actually a really nice day! not too cold! He just LOVES his new train set!

My pilates starts on Tuesday - looking forward. Uncle Scott will be babysitting for me. It's only an hour long, so, should be ok.

Was sorry to hear that my friend S lost her baby. Such a great loss for her, so I hope that she is doing ok. :)

Thats it. Peace out.

Monday, January 02, 2006

HAPPY 2006!!

As you can see from the pics, my New Years Eve was a fab time! My plans didn't solidify till noonish and I am very happy that the Perriers invited me to their get together! I brought my friend G with me...I think he had fun..I hope so, as I had a great time! The Trimbles and The Perriers are great people to get together with and I always have an awesome time! I love you guys! Yes, and that is a pic of S, mother of 4 kids taking a swig directly from the champagne bottle (which by the way was 15 yr old champagne!!! yummy). She needs it. 4 kids, 6, 4, 2 and 9 mo old. wow. I'm glad that we were all feeling the love that night....see tongue pic and M lovin G! So, I guess M liked G?! LOL. I might have had a glass of wine too much as you can tell from the pic of the 3 HOT SEXY GORGEOUS girls! Anyways, food was great and company was the best.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!